We're carefully selecting the food offerings for WOODSIDE FESTIVAL but whether you'll eat anything, are a vegan, veggie or have an intolerance, we'll have you covered with some quality offerings. 


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These boys from Sheffield are bringing Canada's best kept secret to WOODSIDE FESTIVAL. Rustic hand-cut fries, soft squeaky cheese curds lathered with homemade gravy; poutine is the comfort food you never knew you needed.

Vegan, veggie, df, gf - you name it, these guys got you.

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Imagine fresh dough stretched in front of you, your choice of quality ingredients on top. The smell of the wood fire in traditional clay ovens as your Pizza is bubbled and sizzled to perfection. Your amazement as just 90 seconds later, probably the freshest and best tasting Wood Fired Pizza you've ever had emerges from this vintage Pizza trailer!
That is truly a Pizza of Dreams.

Vegan, veggie, df, gf - you name it, these guys got you too!

Wonky Table.png

This well known Derby establishment will be bringing their expertise (and delicious offerings!) to WOODSIDE FESTIVAL. Expect halloumi chips and beef brisket.

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!